One of the most unique innovations in modern fireplace technology was the creation of the bio ethanol fireplace. Instead of using wood, propane or heating oil, it instead used what is called bio ethanol. This is a substance that is naturally derived from agricultural products. Typically it comes from the fermentation of the sugar within certain plants which includes sugarcane, corn and wheat to name a few. The byproduct of the extraction of this fuel is simply water vapor and carbon dioxide. This makes it one of the best types of fuel that you can use in regard to preserving the environment. However, as good as these would seem, there are also reasons that people may not want to own one and use it in their home for heat. Let’s look at the pros and cons of owning a bioethanol fireplace, information that you will need to make the right choice.

Benefits Of Using Bioethanol Fireplaces

One of the top benefits for using this type of fireplace is that they are very beautiful. They can add quite a bit of charm to any home, especially with the color of the flame, and also the glass screens which give it that unique and distinct appearance. Another benefit is the type of fuel that is used which is bioethanol, the result of enzyme digestion which allows the release of sugar that is usually stored in starches. This is something that is becoming more popular, a renewable energy resource, in comparison to fossil fuels. If it is true that dinosaurs are the source from which we get crude oil out of the ground, this is a resource that will eventually run out which means that bioethanol alternative fuel may be what we will use in the future.

Drawbacks Of Using Bioethanol Fireplaces

There are actually a couple different problems associated with these units. First and foremost, it is the amount of heat that they produce. Although some people have wrongly thought that these units do not produce any heat at all, this would be contrary to the laws of physics. If there is a flame, one that is the result of the combustion of a type of fuel, there will always be some type of heat that is the byproduct, and it is how much heat that is produced by these units that is an area of controversy. The amount of money that it will cost to use these units can be expensive, and proportionately they do not produce the same volume of heat that an oil stove, or a simple wood stove, would produce. Therefore, until they can get the cost of the production of bioethanol down just a little bit more, and also derive ways to increase the amount of heat output, it may be more expensive in some cases to heat an entire home. If you are simply trying to heat one room, then it is an economical way to provide heat for different rooms in your household. However, this would require the installation of multiple units which may render this heat source ultimately non-cost effective.

Should You Own One?

These units will produce more than enough heat if you are living in a smaller home, or if you happen to live in a region of the world where the climate is not that extreme. For people that live in areas where temperatures can drop below freezing, this might not have the heat output you are looking for. However, for much more mild conditions, and if you are simply looking for something stylish that you can put in an existing fireplace, this is definitely the best choice to make. Best of all, ventilation is not necessary in most cases simply because there is not enough carbon dioxide produced to cause any problems. Using the newer models, there is typically a slider on the top that will allow you to easily light the fuel with a long handled lighter, and adjust the flame by using the slider that will control the amount of oxygen that is exposed to the flame and the fuel.

These units are very innovative, probably one of the most important advancements in recent years for discovering a way to heat your home. If you already have central heat at your house, or a wood stove, you might want to simply add one to one of the many rooms that you have to increase the levels of comfort inside on colder nights that may occur. You can also find excellent deals on these units, especially from companies that offer promotions from time to time. You will likely find the best prices on the Internet, although you may find close out deals at a local home improvement store, allowing you to take advantage of these modern heating units that use a renewable energy source.

Written by Elodie Thuraim